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Good Friday Images Collection 2018

Good Friday is a Christian holiday which is the day of crucifixion of Jesus Christ. On this day Jesus Christ was hanged for all our sins on the cross. Every year the Christians celebrate this day by performing the religious practices. It is celebrated on the on Friday preceding Easter Sunday. It is a holy and sacred Friday that is why it is called as Good Friday. On this day people exchange the Good Friday images with their friends and relatives. These images contain the message of peace and harmony. Most of these are the Good Friday images with messages so that we move to the righteous path in our lives.

In most of the Good Friday images, there is a wooden cross which makes us remember the death of Jesus Christ. The cross along with black cloth tells us that the sins must be punished. We are all sinners and Jesus Christ died for us. This is the remembrance of Easter. There is a candle lit in these images which symbolize forgiveness and victory. Jesus was silent at the time of crucifixion which is the actual victory. All these images of Good Friday give us a message of peace and harmony in the true perspective.

You can find the Good Friday images with quotes and the quotes are also from the bible. Good Friday is a holy day and the celebrations are made in every part of the world. The thorns and the nails in the images depict the pain which can be felt deep in the heart. It is also known as the sinless sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We pray to God that we may enlighten our mind and all His blessings make our life peaceful and fruitful. It is a big day and it will be celebrated in the years to come.

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Good Friday fills our heart with positivity. After remembering the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, people should be diverted towards the path of virtue. We should have faith in God that He will help us in your hopeless times. Every country celebrates the day of crucifixion of Jesus Christ. We are all sinners and the only way to forgiveness is through the death of Jesus Christ. Praying and fasting on this day is the part of worship. 3 pm is the time of afternoon when the crucifixion was done. The religious activities include the hymns and prayers in churches all over the world.

This year 2018 the celebrations for Good Friday are going to be made with zeal and enthusiasm. This year also the Christians will celebrate the slaying of Jesus Christ. The true message that we get from this sacred day of Good Friday is that we should remember God every time and we are in need of his blessing all the time. The message of peace and harmony is highlighted from Good Friday celebration. Here is the collection of Good Friday images and the Good Friday images download option is also present so that you can have the images of this holy day according to your needs.

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